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Attitude Is Everything 

Responsibility Better Than Ability
In HTW, measuring and evaluating the performance of employees a variety of ways, but we also advocate "responsible better than ability, attitude is everything " these values, so the assessment will be more valued employee to work his sense of responsibility, and his attitude at work.
Since HTW inception 10 years in the industry which working hard in testing and certification, step by step, winning customer support, market returns and peer respect. The company is small, but because of industry characteristics, small businesses and more jobs and each work of independent, requires each employee has the responsibility attitude to complete the work.
Good sense of responsibility and attitude needed over a long period of training and practice can be eventually formed, but we are willing to spend time taking corporate culture and values to our employees, eventually they will become China’s most Granville Valuable asset.
Positive and hard work of HTW team in action interpretation of this responsibility everyday



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