Environment & Energy Efficiency Lab


As the important laboratory of our company, the Environment & Energy Efficiency Laboratory is in strict accordance with ISO/IEC17025 international laboratory management system.

The lab is equipped with large walk-in high and low temperature environmental chamber, precision temperature shock chamber, vibration test equipment and many other world-class environmental testing equipments; and is also equipped with optical instrument and integrating sphere and many other accurate energy efficiency testing equipments in order to meet the higher international physical environment and energy efficiency testing standards.


Test Compatibilities

Environmental Reliability Testing

1. Temperature Cycling Testing

2. Mechanical Shock and Vibration Testing

3. Waterproof and Dustproof Testing


Product Energy Efficiency Testing

1. MEPS Energy Efficiency Testing

2. ERP Energy Efficiency Testing

3. ENERGY STAR Testing



Service Scope

1. Proceed environmental test according to customer’s parameters

2. According to regulatory directives, proceed certification testing, such as ERP, MEPS, Energy Star, and etc.

3. Training on regulations, directives and standards.


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